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 Moshe Aloni was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. The family made Aliya to Israel in 1951.


Mr. Aloni graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University. Upon graduation he completed his practical studies at the Law Firm of Ram Solomon, former CEO  of the Ministry of the Police (at present Ministry of Public Security).


In the beginning, the Firm handled various areas of the law. Later it specialized in various aspects of criminal law (criminal claims, military courts, traffic violations law, criminal claims brought before the labor court, petitions to the High Court of Justice, etc.).


Mr. Aloni served for many years, in the context of his military reserve duty, as a prosecutor, and later as a defense attorney in the military court of appeals, as well as in other military courts. He still appears before the military court.


Mr. Aloni was member of the disciplinary committee of the Sports Association at the time it was regulated by lawyers. He also was a lecturer at the Law School of the Haifa University Faculty of Law.

He served as the president of the Tel Aviv Bar Association and vastly contributed to the promotion of the Israel Bar Association and its interrelations with the court system and the various government authorities which lawyers deal with.

Mr. Moshe Aloni has specialized in laws related to investments in Bulgaria since 1998. 


He also handles general cases, civil as well as criminal, in cooperation with local attorneys that are linked to the Firm.


Moshe Aloni has established the relations between the Israel Bar Association in Tel Aviv and the Bar Association of Sofia. He established the initial contact with prof. Kornagev, who was at the time Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Bulgarian Law Association. Mr. Aloni was also implemental in the process leading to the signing of a friendship pact between both Barr Associations. He is often mentioned in the Bulgarian press and has lately proposed to establish an entity that would regulate Bulgarian courts – an idea recently discussed in the Bulgarian parliament.

Moshe Aloni personally handles every case brought to him, with the assistance of his staff.


Concurrent with his professional activity Moshe Aloni was also a journalist in the famous weekly “HaOlam Haze,” in “BaMahane”, and for a year in the Northern Command. He had close ties with Brigadier General Yitzhak Rabin (at the time), who later became Israel`s Prime Minister.




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