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Moshe Aloni, has a long standing experience and reputation in dealing with traffic laws and regulations. Legal aid and representation is provided throughout all legal procedures in the Traffic Court, from summons to interrogation, case management, representation in all courts, professional litigation, filing appeals, realizing and exhausting all legal rights and achieving the most optimal results under the circumstances. The Firm handles:


· Drunk driving, intoxication tests, faulty breathalyser test procedure.

· Disqualified driving; driving without a license, obligatory insurance or vehicle license.

· Cancellation of license disqualification till the end of the administrative proceedings.

· Speeding, speed cameras and speed traps. 

· Driving through a red light or using a mobile phone while driving.

· Claims on driving accidents, with or without casualties.

· Legal representation in transport claims to insurance companies.

· Release from detention in respect of charges for traffic offenses.

· Legal services in traffic tickets, parking tickets and fines, points at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), order against using a vehicle.

· Appeal committees at the DMV medical institute \ Ministry of Transport.

· Issues regarding the police, Ministry of Transport and other entities.

· Providing professional legal advice and full mobilization of resources for the client all the way.