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Experience and Specialization


The Aloni Law Firm was established in 1965 by Moshe Aloni, its founder. It has remained in its original location ever since.

The Firm specializes in three main areas:

Criminal Law  - regular lawsuits, Military Courts, traffic violations law, criminal cases brought before the Labor Court, as well as petitions in these areas to the High Court of Justice.

Aloni law Firm has handled hundreds of criminal cases, including famous ones, which were given extensive media coverage.

The Firm was actively involved in the promulgation of many legal rulings that shook the judiciary system for years. Three of such rulings are:

· The famous Kinsey ruling, which has served as a civil rights watchdog for many years, and with respect of which the Supreme Court has recently convened in an extended panel in order to introduce modifications to it.

· The Ben Meir ruling (High Court of Justice), which states that even though Moshe Aloni was mistaken in terms of justice, he was still correct in terms of the Law. The High Court ruled that in the event a person is sentenced to two jail periods he shall only serve the longer period, while the shorter one shall be absorbed by the longer one.

· The State of Israel vs. A.H. at the District Court of Tel Aviv (not published), pursuant to which a person was acquitted from murder even though his fingerprints were found on the crime scene, and this notwithstanding a previous ruling stating the opposite.

Civil Law

Bulgarian Law and Investment Laws in Bulgaria (and in Israel)

From the year of 1998, the Firm developed an additional department related to operations in Bulgaria as follows: restitution of Jewish property confiscated during the communist era; representation (together with a local attorney connected to the Firm) of Israeli clients in Bulgarian courts of law, in criminal and civil suits; real estate and investments.

In recent years Bulgaria has known an exceptional boom in the fields of investments and real estate. The Firm represents clients in Israel, as well as other clients (individuals and corporations) in that field, thus safeguarding their rights and regularizing their legal status.

It should also be mentioned that at present a new trend has come to the front – Bulgarian investors invest in Israel, individually or in cooperation with Israeli investors.

Moshe Aloni, who in the past served as President of the Tel Aviv Bar Association, established contacts with the Bar Association of Sofia. For further information please read about the founder of the law Firm.


If you or someone in your family came from Bulgaria, or if you are a businessman working in Bulgaria, it is highly recommended and even mandatory to have the assistance of a skilled and professional lawyer who would take care of your legal affairs in the most dedicated and responsible manner. Moshe Aloni , was born in Bulgaria; he speaks the language and works in close cooperation with a well-known law Firm there.

Mr. Aloni has recently come before the Criminal Court of Appeals in Sofia. The court accepted the appeal and overturned the ruling of the original jurisdiction. His Firm also won a petition to the Bulgaria High Court of Administration despite the appeal of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice.


The variety of professional services provided by THE OFFICE includes:

· Assistance in a Bulgarian citizenship \ Passport application. The Republic of Bulgaria is a member of the EU and a Bulgarian citizenship means free admission to any of the EU countries for study, work or a holiday. Citizenship is entitled not only to people born in Bulgaria who did not receive it because of past racial laws, but also to descendants of people born there.

· Providing legal expertise on managing international business operations in Bulgaria. Such expertise is highly important in any business operation carried out by Israeli businessmen in Bulgaria, particularly with respect of real estate deals. In recent years Bulgaria has become one of the most attractive and sought for places by Israeli business persons and it is necessary to ensure that any such activity meet the legal requirements, both in Israel and in Bulgaria, in order to avoid unnecessary legal complications.

· Representation at the Bulgarian authorities for obtaining documents that are relevant to business activities or for issuing a Bulgarian passport.

· Comprehensive legal aid in case of criminal proceedings on Bulgarian soil, or if you or someone close to you is to stand criminal trial in a Bulgarian court.

· Comprehensive translation and notary services from Hebrew and English to Bulgarian and vice versa. 

· Comprehensive legal aid in extradition proceedings to or from Bulgaria.

· Regularization of personal status in a marriage of an Israeli citizen with a Bulgarian.

· Other services.